How are sperm whales similar to bats

Echolocation , also called bio sonar , is a biological sonar used by several animal species. Echolocating animals emit calls out to the environment and listen to the echoes of those calls that return from various objects near them. They use these echoes to locate and identify the objects. Echolocation is used for navigation , foraging , and hunting in various environments. Echolocating animals include some mammals most notably Laurasiatheria and a few birds. Especially some bat species and odontocetes toothed whales and dolphins , but also in simpler forms in other groups such as shrews , and two cave dwelling bird groups, the so-called cave swiftlets in the genus Aerodramus formerly Collocalia and the unrelated Oilbird Steatornis caripensis.
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Highlight—Blind as a Bat? The Genetic Basis of Echolocation in Bats and Whales

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Highlight—Blind as a Bat? The Genetic Basis of Echolocation in Bats and Whales

Millions of years before humans invented sonar, bats and toothed whales had mastered the biological version of the same trick — echolocation. By timing the echoes of their calls, one group effortlessly flies through the darkest of skies and the other swims through the murkiest of waters. The echolocation abilities of bats and whales, though different in their details, rely on the same changes to the same gene — Prestin. It is one of a growing number of studies have shown that convergence on the surface — like having venom , being intelligent or lacking enamel — is borne of deeper genetic resemblance. But this discovery is special in a deliciously ironic way. It was made by two groups of scientists, who independently arrived at the same result.
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Hear That? Bats and Whales Share Sonar Protein

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. The sun bathes the world around us in light, and we use the reflected light to construct an interpretation of that world — that is, to see. Some other animals rely on sound rather than sight to build their picture of the world. Because there's no universal source keeping the world uniformly awash in sound, these creatures have to emit sound in order to hear it reflect off objects around them. They emit high-pitched sounds and listen to the echoes, using changes in pitch and volume to create an image of the world around them.
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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Clicks, squeaks, chirps, buzzes, etc. Although a number of species engage in some form of echolocation, including some birds, shrews, and even humans, the echolocation systems of bats and toothed whales including dolphins, porpoises, killer whales, and sperm whales are exquisitely sophisticated.
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